An Old World species widely distributed in Asia and normally identified as I. aculeata var. mollissima (Zoll.) Hallier f. ex Ooststr. According to Simoes and colleagues (2011) it inhabits forests from 0 to 700 m a.s.l. I. aculeata var. aculeata is recorded from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Australia. Ipomoea aculeata var. mollisima differs from the type variety in being pubescent or short-tomentose (cf. van Ooststroom, 1953).

DESCRIPTION (from: van Ooststroom, 1953): A glabrous or nearly glabrous twiner, to 10-15 m, occasionally prostrate. Stems woody, grey or pale straw-coloured, often thickened at the nodes, terete to angular, smooth or muricated with small curved hooks. Leaves ovate to orbicular, entire or rarely 3-lobed, 5-14 by 3-10 cm, cordate to truncate at the base, if cordate with a narrow to very broad sinus and rounded basal lobes, acuminate at the apex, with a short or long and narrow, acute or obtusish, mucronulate acumen; lateral nerves 5-6 on either side of the midrib; petiole slender, 2’/2-8(-12) cm, smooth or sometimes with some acute warts. Inflorescences axillary, one- to few-flowered; peduncle short, 2-10(-15) mm. Pedicels terete or angular and thickened towards the calyx, 7-15 mm, in fruit clavate and to 20 mm, recurved in bud, afterwards erect, finally recurved again. Sepals coriaceous, broadly elliptic or orbicular, rarely narrower, broadly rounded to emarginate at the apex and minutely mucronate, 12-18 mm long, in fruit to 20 mm, the inner ones mostly somewhat shorter than the outer and with a narrow scarious margin. Corolla white, greenish outside, opening at night, fragrant, saher-shaped, 14-17 cm long, tube long and narrow. Stamens and style exserted. Filaments inserted at the mouth of the tube, hairy at their base. Ovary glabrous. Capsule enclosed by the sepals, ovoid, mucronate, ca 15 mm long, 2-celled, 4-valved, with more or less lacerate valves. Seeds 4, densely grey-woolly. 6-8 mm long.

PROTOLOGUE: Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind. 13: 715, 1825

COUNTRIES: ASIA: China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thaliand, Timor-Leste. See records in database

C.L. Blume, 1234: (L0004179), (L0004180), (L0004181), (L0004183), (U0251799), (L0867389).

Calonyction mollissimum Zoll. (syn. of var. mollissima)
Calonyction mollissimum Zoll. var. glabrior (syn. of var. mollissima)
Ipomoea mollissima (Zoll.) Hallier f. ex Boerl. (syn. of var. mollissima)
Ipomoea mollissima (Zoll.) Hallier f. ex Boerl. var. glabrior (Miq.) Boerl. (syn. of var. mollissima)
Ipomoea yomae Kurz. (syn. of var. mollissima)